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Framework for Swiss-form claim construction in Australia: Is it really about objective intent? 15 Sep 2017 Articles
A loophole allowing patent term extensions in Australia for certain Swiss-style claims has been closed 24 Aug 2017 Articles
Licences are out and automatic rights are in: a new way to allow exploitation following temporary patent ceasing is proposed 15 Feb 2017 Articles
To concede or not concede (infringement): that is the question! An instance of a third party licence being requested during temporary ceasing of a patent 14 Feb 2017 Articles
Federal court aids in construction of provisions for third party statutory licences following temporary ceasing of a patent but declines to comment on Patent Office decision procedure 14 Feb 2017 Articles
Simply the best method for Australian patents 29 Mar 2016 Articles
Does a recent Patent Office decision increase the evidence needed to support patent term extension? 7 Mar 2016 Articles
Senior Associate of Freehills Patent Attorneys qualifies as Cosmetic Chemist 10 Dec 2015 Firm News
Additional protection from Swiss-form claims: a direct infringement option when method claims are indirectly infringed 4 Sep 2015 Articles
Swiss-form claims: not the same as methods of medical treatment? 12 Aug 2015 Articles
Patenting natural and organic cosmetics...can it be done? 4 May 2015 Articles
Freehills Patent Attorneys 2015 promotions 1 Apr 2015 Firm News
Prior claiming in Australia...has news of its demise been greatly exaggerated? Is prior claiming still applicable to the remaining 1952 Act pharmaceutical patents? 20 Aug 2014 Articles
Gone but not the archaic ground of prior claiming relevant to "whole of contents" novelty? 20 Aug 2014 Articles
When other people's patents get in your way... 1 Nov 2013 Articles
Addressing pharma IP law imbalances 23 Aug 2013 Articles
New risks for patent applicants requesting claim amendment 25 Jun 2013 Articles
Key recommendations from the Australian pharmaceutical patents review 11 Apr 2013 Articles
Inherent lack of novelty: when prior art documents destroy novelty without express disclosure of all features of a claim 12 Mar 2013 Articles
Compulsory licensing of patents, a point of discussion in the US 10 Sep 2012 Legal Updates
Proposed amendments to Australian patent law: Standard of proof required for allowance 13 Oct 2011 Legal Updates