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Schemes, per se, still unpatentable in Australia 26 May 2020 Legal Updates
IP Australia Calls for Feedback Regarding Reform of the Australian Designs System 6 Nov 2019 Articles
Australian patentable subject matter – is your invention patentable or an abstract idea? 16 Sep 2019 Articles
The continuing risk of “comprising” and “contains” in Australian patent claims 15 Feb 2019 Articles
Australian Federal Court finds a computer implemented invention patentable 13 Dec 2018 Articles
Patent claim construction in Australia: Federal Court confirms the need for careful consideration of the use of “comprising” and “contains” in patent claims 11 Aug 2017 Articles
The Australian Innovation Patent: The threshold for patentability may be higher than you think 22 Jun 2017 Articles
FPA Patent Attorneys is delighted to announce that Akanksha Dahiya has been awarded the 2016 Institute Prize 23 Dec 2016 Firm News
IP Australia releases Exposure Draft of the Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill 2017 14 Dec 2016 Legal Updates
Designs law reform in Australia: Prior art base, Grace periods, Screen displays and other changes 31 May 2016 Articles
Patentable subject matter: Inventive test for assessing substance of an invention 20 May 2016 Articles
New Appeal decision on computer implemented inventions in Australia 16 Dec 2015 Articles
Australia: Claim preambles, object statements and patentable subject matter 7 Jan 2015 Articles
Computer implemented inventions in Australia: The current state of play 16 Dec 2014 Articles
Computer Implemented Business Scheme not Patentable in Australia 10 Nov 2014 Articles
Australia awaits Federal Court guidance on the patentability of computer-implemented inventions 23 Jul 2014 Articles
Alice v CLS Bank: An Australian Perspective 2 Jul 2014 Articles
Timely evidence needed for Australian Patent Oppositions 18 Jun 2014 Articles
First firm to file a PCT application in Australia using ePCT Portal 16 Apr 2014 Firm News
New paradigm in Australian Patent Oppositions 11 Feb 2014 Articles
The opening decision of the Australian Patent Office for 2014 – another invention refused for lack of patentable subject matter 24 Jan 2014 Articles
What not to say to the Australian Patent Office 6 Dec 2013 Articles
Faster examination for global patent families 3 Dec 2013 Articles
NZ clarifies proposed ban on software patents 10 May 2013 Articles
Australian Federal Court Clarifies Patentability of Computer Inventions 19 Feb 2013 Articles
SNF (Australia) Pty Ltd v Ciba Specialty Chemicals Water Treatments Ltd. [2012] FCAFC 95 18 Oct 2012 Legal Updates
"˜Business (method patents) as usual': US Supreme Court in Bilski fails to provide clear guidelines 2 Jul 2010 Legal Updates
Innovation patents: the Australian Full Federal Court rules on innovative step 6 Jul 2009 Articles
Federal Court takes an innovative step on innovation patents 16 Sep 2008 Legal Updates