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FPA Patent Attorneys appoints new Principal Grant Jacobsen 4 Feb 2021 Firm News
FPA Patent Attorneys continues strong growth with appointment of new Associate Principal and newly registered patent attorney 19 Jan 2021 Firm News
2019: The year of patentable subject matter in the Australian courts 17 Feb 2020 Firm News
Patents in Asia-Pacific 2019/2020: The new innovation battleground | Southeast Asia 3 Feb 2020 Publications
Indonesian Patent Office making good on threats to suspend new patent filings – but is also offering a lifeline 21 Nov 2019 Legal Updates
Methods and use claims – not the poor cousins of patent claims they are perceived to be 17 Jul 2019 Articles
Singapore patent law changes on 1 January 2020 - supplementary examination is going but this isn't a bad thing 19 Jun 2019 Articles
Singapore patent law changes on 1 January 2020 - supplementary examination is going but this isn't a bad thing 18 Mar 2019 Articles
Extending patent deadlines in Indonesia 12 Mar 2019 Articles
2018: Best method, damages and patentable subject matter were some of the ‘big ticket’ items 7 Jan 2019 Articles
Indonesian Patent Office clarifies patent annuity ambiguities 5 Nov 2018 Articles
2017 – It was biotech and pharma who kept the Australian legal system busy 12 Jan 2018 Articles
IP and healthcare in South East Asia: “Bigger than BRIC”. So why aren’t you filing your patent applications there? 11 Oct 2017 Articles
The patentability of isolated natural products … A proposed approach to clarify examination procedures in Singapore 5 Oct 2017 Articles
South East Asia: 5 reasons why it is an essential patent filing destination 27 Sep 2017 Articles
Potential for more cost-effective options for challenging Singapore patents and applications 14 Aug 2017 Articles
FPA Patent Attorneys strengthens its patent practice with the appointment of new Principals and Senior Associates 3 Jul 2017 Firm News
2016 – a year at a glance 14 Mar 2017 Articles
Quicker, easier and cheaper? New Rules for patent prosecution in India 25 May 2016 Legal Updates
Look before you leap: seeking to enforce your pharmaceutical patent may lead to unintended consequences 11 Jan 2016 Articles
Australian Patent Office guidelines finalised post-Myriad 15 Dec 2015 Articles
More than just a passing interest: ensuring your rights are secured under the PPSA 9 Jan 2014 Articles
Introducing ... New Zealand's Patents Act 2013 11 Sep 2013 Articles
Amending your patent claims in corresponding foreign applications could obligate you to look at your granted Australian claims 26 Feb 2013 Articles
Isolated nucleic acids are patentable – what does the "Myriad" decision in Australia mean for patent applicants? 21 Feb 2013 Articles
Isolated nucleic acids are patentable – landmark "Myriad" decision in Australia 15 Feb 2013 Legal Updates
Pharmaceutical Patents Review Panel releases issues paper 29 Nov 2012 Legal Updates
NZ to decide on software patents 3 Oct 2012 Articles
Differences between Australian and New Zealand patent practice and law 2 Oct 2012 Articles
Audio: Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill–Has the bar actually been raised? 5 Apr 2012 Webinar
US Patent Law reform – New Ways to Attack US Patents 21 Mar 2012 Legal Updates
Smells like inherent novelty: Novartis AG v Bayer Animal Health GmbH [2011] APO 67 7 Sep 2011 Legal Updates
Webinar: A simple, cost effective approach to Australian patents. Filing – Prosecution – Grant 11 Nov 2010 Webinar
Freehills Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys expand their ranks 16 Jun 2008 Firm News