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U-turn on trans-Tasman patent processes 31 Oct 2016 Articles
Contributing to a patent claim might not make you a co-inventor 14 Oct 2016 Articles
Australian & NZ single patent examination: Soon you may not have a choice 30 Nov 2015 Articles
Expanding the PPH in Australia 20 Oct 2015 Articles
Patentee blindsided by partially uncorroborated evidence 8 Apr 2014 Articles
Australian Patent Office steps up to the challenge on inventive step 25 Mar 2014 Articles
New Zealand approves trans-Tasman patent regime 25 Nov 2013 Articles
Breaking the shackles – changes to divisional application practice in Europe 22 Nov 2013 Legal Updates
One Patent Application, One Examination, One Profession, Two Patents 3 Jul 2013 Articles
A warning to US & foreign companies on Australian patent infringement by common design: Bayer Pharma AG v Genentech Inc [2012] FCA 1467 23 Jan 2013 Articles
Shining a light on secret use – permissible non-commercial use of prototypes 23 Oct 2012 Articles
An outbreak of common sense – "fraud on the US Patent Office" actually requires fraud 26 Sep 2012 Articles
The Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) – high speed examination of Australian and United States patent applications 18 Sep 2012 Articles
Determination of inventorship 9 Aug 2012 Publications
The Australian Patent Office rejects insurance plans as being unpatentable 12 Sep 2011 Legal Updates