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'He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother' - Patents directed to deuterium modified drugs 28 Feb 2017 Articles
Swiss-style patent claims can be very valuable in Australia 23 Feb 2017 Articles
PCT national phase – filing requirements 17 Feb 2017 Publications
Licences are out and automatic rights are in: a new way to allow exploitation following temporary patent ceasing is proposed 15 Feb 2017 Articles
To concede or not concede (infringement): that is the question! An instance of a third party licence being requested during temporary ceasing of a patent 14 Feb 2017 Articles
Federal court aids in construction of provisions for third party statutory licences following temporary ceasing of a patent but declines to comment on Patent Office decision procedure 14 Feb 2017 Articles
South East Asia - Renewal Requirements 2 Feb 2017 Articles
Remedies for IP infringement: when additional damages aren't 20 Jan 2017 Articles
Missed a patent deadline in Australia? It may not be as bad as you think. 10 Jan 2017 Articles
FPA Patent Attorneys is delighted to announce that Akanksha Dahiya has been awarded the 2016 Institute Prize 23 Dec 2016 Firm News
IP Australia releases Exposure Draft of the Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill 2017 14 Dec 2016 Legal Updates
Enablement and examination post raising the bar 8 Dec 2016 Articles
U-turn on trans-Tasman patent processes 31 Oct 2016 Articles
Contributing to a patent claim might not make you a co-inventor 14 Oct 2016 Articles
Australian designs law - what is really going to change and when? 6 Oct 2016 Articles