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New Appeal decision on computer implemented inventions in Australia 16 Dec 2015 Articles
Australian Patent Office guidelines finalised post-Myriad 15 Dec 2015 Articles
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National Innovation & Science Agenda 9 Dec 2015 Articles
How high has the bar been raised? The Australian Patent Office issues its first opposition decision on a post "˜Raising the Bar' patent application 9 Dec 2015 Articles
Freehills Patent Attorneys 2015 Awarded Best Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Patent Firm - Australia 8 Dec 2015 Firm News
The low-down on the new Victorian Manufacturing Grant 7 Dec 2015 Articles
Government's Innovation Statement puts renewables back on the Agenda 7 Dec 2015 Articles
Australian & NZ single patent examination: Soon you may not have a choice 30 Nov 2015 Articles
When inventive steps become routine...greater hurdles for applicants with claims directed to antibodies 29 Oct 2015 Articles
What impact will the Australian Myriad decision have on patent eligibility of diagnostic tests? 23 Oct 2015 Articles
Australian manufacturer is successful in asserting patent in China 21 Oct 2015 Articles
Using divisional applications in Australia to fix your licensing woes 20 Oct 2015 Publications
Expanding the PPH in Australia 20 Oct 2015 Articles
Can a natural product still be patented in Australia? 20 Oct 2015 Articles